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Homeless Court Pop-Up Resource Fairs

In 2021, in the height of COVID, the Public Defender, District Attorney, City Attorney, Superior Court, and Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities came together to create a resource fair for the un-housed in our community. These pop-up style resource fairs rotate monthly, usually on the third Friday of the month, to different areas throughout the County of San Diego, providing resources and relief to those who need it most.

The resources vary from substance-use rehab programs, to Child Support Services, to the County Assessor for birth certificates, to the DMV, to the Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities Live Well benefits bus, to the League of Women Voters, and SO much more!

Homeless Court, and its justice partners, are there to make sure that someone who wants to access those resources and benefits can clear any barrier that would prevent them from doing so. Such barriers could be an outstanding warrant, or a hold on their license or registration through the DMV. Through the use of remote technology available in a post-COVID world, Homeless Court can remove those barriers ON SITE, allowing the participant to engage in whatever services are offered at the event. 

If the participant has other outstanding fines and fees from the court, they can continue to participate with one of the approved Homeless Court Providers on the list ( and all other eligible cases and fines and fees can be resolved through the Homeless Court Monthly Session.

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